Sarah Mellors of the History Department won the Graduate Student Award and Meleia Simon-Reynolds, a senior in the School of Humanities, won the Undergraduate Student Award.

Sarah, a PhD candidate in the History department, won the Medical Humanities Graduate Student Award for her essay “Less Reproduction, More Production: Birth Control in the Early PRC, 1949-1959.” This essay was an excerpt of her dissertation “From Vinegar and Cotton Balls to Diaphragms and Vasectomies: Birth Control in Republican and Mao-Era China,” which examines birth control in the People’s Republic of China between 1949 and 1959.


Meleia, a graduating senior majoring in History, won the Medical Humanities Undergraduate Student Award for her essay “The Colonization of Reproductive Healthcare: Sterilization Abuse of Native American Women.” She composed this essay for History 190, taught by Assistant Professor Andrew Highsmith. Meleia plans to apply to history PhD programs in the Fall, and hopes to study the evolution of American-Philippine relations.